The Precision Mechatronics and Control Laboratory (PMCL) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison focuses on developing novel and high-performance mechatronic solutions through exploiting the synergy between machine design, electric machines and drives, and control algorithms, thereby broadly impact applications such as manufacturing and robotic systems. We are a part of the internationally renowned  Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC).

Our research approach emphasizes a synergistic perspective toward novel and high-performance mechatronic solutions using the following two methodologies:

  • Design for control: Instead of developing a mechatronic system sequentially by designing hardware followed by control, we take a synergistic co-design approach with considerations for the closed-loop performance from the beginning, thereby avoiding design conservatism and achieving better performance.
  • Control for design: Instead of sticking with well-established system elements, we develop novel control, estimation, and intelligent algorithms that enable new applications of unconventional system elements, which can deliver better overall performance in mechatronic systems.

We research both hardware and control with a synergistic point of view to explore a larger design space for creative mechatronic solutions.