ME/ECE 577 Automatic Control Laboratory

  • A graduate-level laboratory-based course focusing on the design, analysis, and control of mechatronic elements and systems with feedback systems, which require integration of the mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines within a unified framework.
  • More detailed description of the course can be found at  Syllabus


ME 376: Intro to Mechatronics 

  • Undergraduate-level core course (4 credit) on circuit theory, electronics, intro to computing and embedded systems, and electromechanical systems
  • More detailed description of the course can be found at ME376 Syllabus


FlexLab/LevLab: An Open-Source Educational Platform for Mechatronics and Control 

A major challenge in teaching control systems and mechatronics is to offer students hands-on experiences, which are essential for students to obtain a fundamental understanding of key phenomena, design methods, and experimental skills. However, in many circumstances, limited lab resources and concentrated lab hours of classes may limit the depth of knowledge that students can obtain. To address this challenge, we have designed a series of portable educational labs for dynamic systems and control teaching. The vision is that by making the educational mechatronic system portable and lending the hardware to students, they can work on the lab assignments outside the structured lab time, and therefore achieve a better understanding of the subject through hands-on experiences.

We have designed a low-cost and compact education platform called FlexLab/LevLab, which implements a full mechatronic system through one PCB.

The system was designed by Dr. Lei Zhou (UW-Madison), Dr. Junyoung Yoon (Yonsei University), Dr. Blair Allison (Grove City College), Dr. Mohammad Imani Nejad (PathAI, Inc), and led by Dr. David Trumper (MIT)

The source file of the PCB design can be downloaded at FlexLab download